Volunteers needed for 18th Annual Highway Cleanup

News Date: Friday, March 3, 2023

Join us April 22, 2023 for Hamiltonban Township’s 18th Annual Highway Cleanup

Be a part of this ambitious statewide effort to remove litter & trash from Hamiltonban’s roadways, parks, forests, creekbanks, neighborhoods, and open spaces.

Residents are invited to be part of this effort. Please let the Township Office know what section of roadway you will be cleaning. Gloves, trash bags and safety vests will be provided and are available at the Township Office Monday thru Thursday during business hours. Please pick up your supplies prior to the event. Full trash bags may be left in the Township Office parking lot or along the roadway, but please register. Hamiltonban Township's road crew will pick up trash bags Monday morning.

More info at www.hamiltonban.com and www.gacofpa.org

Highway Cleanup 2023 printable pdf