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Hamiltonban Township Park & Recreation Donor List

Hamiltonban Township Park & Recreation Donor List

Platinum Donors

$10,000 and Up

Specialty Granules, Inc
Adams County National Bank (ACNB)
Adams Electric Cooperative Inc.
Hamiltonban Township

Gold Donors


Borough of Fairfield
Knouse Foods Cooperative, Inc.
Laura Morgan and Richard Johnson

Silver Donors

$1,000 -$4,999

Anonymous Donor
Attorney Matthew and Luann Battersby
Coleen N. and Terry Reamer
CRS Insurance, Inc.
Dave and Anne Jones
Fairfield AmVets Post 172
Pamela K. Wiehagen
Lisa M. Sturges
Pamela K. Wiehagen
Wm. F. Hill & Associates Inc.

Bronze Donors

Up to $500-999

Alexander's Plumbing & Pump, Inc.
David L. Sites
Fairfield Lion's Club
Harbaugh's Hauling & Excavation LLC
Melissa Wetzel, CPA PC
Ventura's Restaurant
Weikert's Livestock, Inc 

Kite Fly Supporters 

Alexanders Plumbing Inc.
Joshua & Sara Laird
McKesson House Pottery
Patricia Smith
Pippinfest, Borough of Fairfield 

Bench, Bridge and Tree Donors

Alexanders Plumbing and Pumps Inc.
Battersby Law Office
Carroll B. and Carol K. Smith
Carolyn Cunningham, Frank and Bernadettte McGarran
David and Anne Jones
David W. Thomas
Dean S and Sally Thomas
Fairfield Area Historical Society
Fairfield Auto Service
Land & Sea Services
Fairfield Borough and Pippinfest                                 
Fairfield Lions Club
John and Elizabeth Lynch
John and Susan Strahler
Inskip Family
Patricia T. Smith
Robert and Mary Daniel
Russell and Mary Ann Ryan
Specialty Granules LLC
Susan E. Wagle
Terry Scripture
Ventura’s Restaurant   

Supporting Donor 

Up to $499 

Anonymous Donor
Dane Wagle
Dean Thomas
Douglas Woerner
Elaine Hooper   
Fairfield Lion’s Club
Gary Sanders Excavating
John C. Strahler
Laura W. Mares
Liberty Mountain Resort
Liberty Worship Center
Mark Alan Deist
Matthew Inskip
McKesson House Pottery
Rhonda Myers
Robert Gordon
Rusty and Mary Ann Ryan
Terry Scripture
The Travis Family
Thomas Publications
Trish Rowe Realty
Valley Quarries Inc.
Village Book & Table Restaurant   

Gifts in Memory of Dana A. Wagle

Anonymous Donor
Manette & Douglas Eddy
Susan Nunamaker
John & Susan Strahler
Dennis L. Runk Living Trust
Diane Wheeler
Franklin County Grotto of the NSS
Sara E. Rohr & Gregory L. Wade
Gary H. & Suetta M. Bechtel
Avery P. & Ernest R. Rogers III
Coleen Reamer
Michael Hoffman 

Gifts in Memory of David Jones 

Eugene F Pecher
John & Susan Strahler
Robert & Mary Daniel
James & Rosemary Bartz
Donna Armstrong
Jeffrey & Deborah Absher
Diana & Sammy Reynolds
David & Linda Peters
Matthew & Sandra Jones
Edward & Margie Hartzell
Carole A Day 

Gifts in Memory of Bo Hek 

John & Susan Strahler 

Grant Awards 

2015/16 DCNR(C2 P2)-$63,000
2016/18 DCNR(C2P2)-$39,889
2016 WellSpan Health Community Prtshp-$15,000
2016/17 Adams County Green Space Grant $21,092
2017 Adams County Community Foundation $2,500
2018 Adams County Community Foundation $8,138